How bruXane protects your dental implants

People with dental implants are more likely to suffer bruxism. bruXane not only prevents bruxism, but also protects your implants.

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Eliminates symptoms of teeth grinding

Reduces grinding activity by up to 75%

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your grinding activity

Vibration and buzzing with teeth grinding

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protects your implants and other dental work

  • The lateral stress caused by bruxism poses a particular risk for the stability of the screw in the bone (lever effect).

  • Teeth grinding generates chewing forces of up to 800 Newtons (equivalent to approx. 80kg per cm2). This is about seven times the forces that occur when chewing food.

  • Implants grown into the bone usually withstand these stresses well, even forces up to 1500 Newtons can be tolerated as long as these forces act in a vertical direction. However, grinding also involves lateral sliding/pressing movements, which represent a particular stress.

  • In the natural dentition, the own tooth very accurately registers chewing forces via specific receptors/nerves. This information is lost in implants - especially in full restorations - due to the absence of these receptors.

  • Teeth grinding further damages teeth, dental implants, and any dental prosthesis by overloading the material.

Here, bruXane's sensor technology offers valuable assistance by alerting the body to bruxism activity. Protect your teeth, dental implants, and any dental prosthesis with bruXane!