Chronic headache and TMJ relief in as little as 3 days.

bruXane is a german engineered device proven to reduce chronic jaw pain and headaches by 75% in 3 days.

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Recommended by German Dentists

Up to 80% of Australians suffer with Bruxism. Get relief with bruXane

bruXane 2 Go

bruXane 2 Go is a personal mouth device that stops Bruxism or teeth grinding during sleep. By working on the root cause, this treats the symptoms caused by Bruxism - chronic pain.

bruXane works on a bio feedback loop. As the teeth stop grinding, the symptoms reduce. You can start getting immediate relief from:

  • Jaw Pain
  • Dental Pain
  • TMJ Pain
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Facial Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Neck Pain

Many people feel stuck in a cycle of chronic pain and dependence on drugs including opiates.

By addressing the root cause, bruXane stop symptoms WITHOUT the use of drugs or expensive surgeries.

bruXane Personal: Custom fitted with biofeedback

  • Custom fitted by a dentist
  • Moulds to your mouth
  • Comes with bruXtracker app to track grinding activity
  • Much cheaper than surgery
  • Great alternative to botox

Before you get surgery to replace your implants or heal your TMJ - try bruXane Personal. It's natural, drug free and gets results fast. Pair it with the bruXtracker to monitor and see reduction in your grinding activity over time.

100% Drug free pain relief

Watch the video to see how bruXane can change your life and improve your chronic pain. 100% natural, no side effects.

bruXane benefits

How thousands of Australian's are benefitting from bruXane.

bruXane provides fast relief from chronic pain

If you suffer from chronic headaches and jaw pain, and you've tried everything then you need bruXane.

bruXane takes the pressure off, by stopping unconscious jaw clenching during sleep so you can get fast relief.

bruXane protects tooth enamel

Bruxism causes damage to your teeth, which can further contribute to chronic pain.

Worn down enamel means your natural teeth won't last as long as they should, and you may need dentures at a younger age.

Safeguard Your Smile with bruXane

Protect your implants, bridges, crowns, and aligners with bruXane. Teeth grinding can lead to serious tooth degradation, resulting in costly veneers and crowns.

Prevention is better than cure. Let bruXane preserve your dental investments and assist in aligning your teeth. Save your smile and your wallet with bruXane.

bruXane provides fast TMJ relief

People with TMJ have chronic tooth and jaw pain which can be very debilitating.

bruXane provides 75% relief from TMJ pain in 6 weeks according to our peer reviewed studies.

Natural pain relief, no side effects

Read on thousands of Australian's are benefitting from bruXane.

bruXane 2 Go

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Save your teeth. We can save your teeth from the damaging affects of Bruxism.


Our customers love bruXane. We love helping everyday Aussies get pain relief after suffering from chronic pain.

Christine Schubert


"I can't sleep without it anymore. Super awesome! ... I can't sleep without it. I finally sleep through the night again and feel fitter and more efficient. Thank you all for this great invention! P.S.: That's why I also offer it in my practice!"

Schmid Schween


"Sustainable success, no longer grinding after 30 years! bruXane came into my life! Similar to our Terrier, whose inappropriate behaviour in dog school could be ended through training with a vibration alarm, I have managed to stop grinding after 30 years. ... An ingenious groundbreaking product, which I can recommend unreservedly to every bruxer!"

Andjela K


"... my jaw muscles no longer hurt in the morning and are not so tense. I can open my mouth more easily and without pain, which I haven't been able to do for a long time. ...My jaw and the adjacent areas are much better, as in the time before using bruXane. I also don't have headaches as often anymore. My physiotherapist also confirms softer jaw muscles and fewer sensitive pain points! ... See you soon, your grateful A.K."

Linda J


"...At first, I was skeptical... The tensions in my jaw, which used to wake me up constantly in the morning, have almost disappeared, and my neck pain has also improved, and overall I feel more relaxed. I wouldn't have thought that bruXane would make such a difference and so greatly improve my well-being. I highly recommend it!"

Rahel W


"The progress since the vibration has been insane! I can move my jaw in all directions without any special effort, as if someone removed a strong rubber band that previously held it in place...."

Alfred E


"I can only recommend bruXane to anyone who shows symptoms of teeth grinding. ... Especially impressive is that since then, not only am I so much better ... but I also can only recommend bruXane to anyone who shows symptoms of teeth grinding."

Don't suffer in silence

bruXane won the German health award in 2023. Our product is changing lives and saving thousands of people from chronic pain and headaches. End your suffering today - with bruXane.