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The bruxane® Story

Like many pivotal moments in life, action is often spurred by a significant need for change—either out of desire or, as in the following narrative, out of necessity for health reasons.

Such was the crossroads Bianca Berk, the founder of our company, found herself many years ago. Having endured the effects of bruxism and its consequential symptoms for an extended period, she faced continuous discomfort despite the long-term use of a bite guard. The grinding persisted, and so did the symptoms.

Driven by a resolve to find a solution that would halt her nocturnal teeth grinding, safeguard her dental health, and alleviate the painful symptoms, she embarked on a quest. Throughout her journey, she discovered that many existing products were either cumbersome, complicated to use, or ineffective, necessitating the use of a dental guard in addition to teeth protection. Some devices were so intrusive that they disrupted not just her sleep but also her partner's.

The deeper Bianca delved into this issue, the more she encountered individuals grappling with similar discomfort and the physical ailments stemming from bruxism. This collective struggle ignited a determination to make a change—to devise an effective, long-term remedy for teeth grinding.

Collaborating with Dr. Köhler, physicist Dr. Stefan Bradenbrink, and Mr. Pradeep Sharma, Bianca set out to create a product that met rigorous criteria for efficacy, user-friendliness, reliability, safety, and practicality. After six years of dedicated research and development, supported by a team of dentists, engineers, dental technicians, and numerous specialists, their vision was realized:

Introducing bruxane – the fruition of their labor and a beacon of hope for many suffering from bruxism.

Among those instrumental in bringing bruxane to fruition were:

  • The University Hospital Gießen and Marburg, with mentorship from Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lotzmann
  • The University Hospital Carolinum in Frankfurt, Prof. Dr. Kopp
  • LMU Munich, overseeing the clinical study, led by Dr. Pho Duc
  • Dr. Harry Fritz of Lübeck, alongside a network of dedicated dentists
  • The engineering office Ingenisys and industrial design firm OXXID GmbH
  • Dental laboratories including that of Michael Seitz and others
  • Erkodent® Erich Kopp GmbH and VARTA Microbattery GmbH
  • Supported by Economic Development Marburg and Dr. Frank Hüttemann

Special thanks to Mr. Dipl.-Psych. Lothar Niepoth, President of the German Society for Biofeedback (DGBfB e.V.), for his invaluable insights.

Bianca Berk

Dr. Stefan Bradenbrink